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April 8, 2009 - Iowa
The Iowa Association of Adoption Agencies invites everyone to a special presentation by Dr. Rizwan Shah on the subject of

Effects of Perinatal Drug Exposure on Infants and Children

focusing on:

    * Prevalence of common drugs of abuse in women and pattern of drug abuse among pregnant women
    * How material drug abuse effects an unborn child and common symptoms in drug exposed infants
    * The developmental impact of perinatal drug exposure in children
    * Long term effects of perinatal drug exposure

Admission is free.  The presentation is open to social workers, care providers, foster and adoptive parents.  Lunch is not provided, but you may bring your own to enjoy during the program.

IAAA is a volunteer association of adoption professionals who are united in our professional and personal dedication to children. Members of IAAA make a commitment to provide the highest quality of service to children and families.  IAAA members offer various adoption options, including special needs, international and domestic adoption.  For more information on IAAA, please visit their website at www.iowaadoption.org.

Location: Gloria de Lutheran Church-Family Life Center
8301 Aurora Ave
Urbandale, Iowa, 50322


April 8, 2009 12:30-2:20 


Kindly requested by 04/06/09 to Wendy Solawetz at wsolawetz@dmdiocese.org or 515.237.5082

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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