International adoption is a complicated process taking several months of paperwork chasing, one or two trips abroad, and, then, again, more paperwork. This online guide is designed to help you prepare for what's ahead by outlining paperwork requirements every step of the way.


Unless noted otherwise, all dossier documents must be notarized and certified by the Secretary of State or Lt. Governor's office. Please call the appropriate office in your state to find out procedures, additional county-level certification, fees, and any special wording required by notaries for some or all documents notarized in that state. Some states have special reduced fees for adoption-related certifications. Some states require additional documents authorization by the county clerk office. Next, once your dossier is fully completed, it would need to be submitted for authentication to the U.S. State Department and then for finally to the Uzbek Embassy or Consulate having jurisdiction over your state for further documents' authentication known as legalization.

All dossier documents must be submitted to the Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate within 6 months from creation. Notary license must be valid at the time the document is certified. Documents would still be accepted if the notary license has expired after the document is legalized.

Most dossier documents are valid in Uzbekistan for one year from the date of issue or a date of the notary, whichever is earlier. The most notable exception is the USCIS form I-171H which is valid for 18 months, but please note that fingerprints expire in 15 months. Notary license must be valid at the time the document is certified. Documents would still be accepted at the Ministry of Education and the city council if the notary license has expired after the document is certified. An exact date the notarization procedure took place (hereafter referred to as the notary date) must be the same as the listed date the document was signed. Documents without notary dates may be rejected.

All first and last names must match across all documents. U.S. Travel Passport is considered your primary identification document. All birth dates should be the same across all documents. Please check every document as even government-issued documents like police clearances may have typos and misspellings.

Please refer to the following checklist for documents to be included in your dossier:

Dossier Checklist for Married Couples
Dossier Checklist for Single Mothers

Some forms like adoption petition, registration obligations, medical form, etc., may differ from the ones provided by other agencies. Our version is accepted at the city councils along with many others; it contains all mandatory content to the latest requirements.

Uzbekistan requires an additional identical copy set to be submitted together with the original dossier. The following chart will help you navigate the complicated copying and authentication process.

Additional Documents

Most families travel to Tashkent to pick up the child, but escort is also an option. Please check with us which documents you might need to provide if you are choosing an escort option.

Uzbek Visa

At this time, parents need to obtain regular tourist visa(s) prior to leaving on your trip.  Only one parent needs to travel to pick up the child We recommend contacting Go To Russia travel agency for assistance

In Uzbekistan

Many families have been sent these forms together with their I-171H. If you have not received them, please print them out now: I-600 and DS-230. Also, please download and print out Acknowledgement of Health Problems of Adopted Child

In addition, please bring along your original I-171H form and copies of last 3 years tax return (first two pages) along with proof of current employment (an employment letter or current pay stubs). None of these need to be notarized or cerified. They may be asked for during your U.S. Embassy visa interview along with I-864A. If only one of the parents is traveling to pick up the child, all these forms above must be printed out in adavnce, signed by the absent parent and notarized in USA. The other parent would sign the forms in front of the consular officer and present the Spousal POA form.

Back In U.S.

We understand you will be overwhelmed upon returning home with your new family members. Please take a few hours to complete some of the important paperwork.

First and foremost, please register your child with the Uzbek consulate or embassy listed in your registration obligations letter within three months of arrival. The registration forms are provided here, but we will work with the Embassy to translate the registration forms into English. Your child's Uzbek passport will be mailed back to you within a couple of weeks.

In a few weeks from arrival you should automatically receive a Certificate of Citizenship for your adopted child. Bring it to the nearest Social Security office to receive a SS number for your child. Without proof or citizenship, the SS number would be assigned with a status of resident alien and would need to be adjusted in the future.

To maintain our Hague Accreditation, we must ask all families adopting from all countries, including non-Convention ones, to send us the following paperwork for each child adopted through AAC:

  • Copy of original court decree terminating parental rights AND translation OR

    Copy of relinquishment signed by biological parents AND

  • Copy of child's ORIGINAL birth certificate AND translation
  • Copy of child's NEW birth certificate AND translation
  • Copy of child's adoption certificate AND translation
  • Copy of child's full court adoption decree AND translation
  • Copy of all medical information given AND any translations
  • Copies of the child's original passport pages containing:
    • Biographic information and passport picture
    • U.S. Immigrant visa
    • Consulate/Embassy stamps


To adopt from Uzbekistan, all parents promise to submit six post-placement reports conducted by a licensed agency within 5 years upon arrival. Please take your obligations seriously and make sure you or your agency conducting the reports submit them to About A Child in a timely manner. This is crucial for parents hoping to adopt from Uzbekistan in the future. Even if you are not planning to adopt again, please submit a report in a timely manner to ensure other families are given the same privilege -- to find their child in Uzbekistan.