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VictoriaVictoria Kats,
Executive Director

Hello and welcome to About A Child.  Thank you for coming by and reading our stories. Let's start with a short introduction.  I consider myself one of the luckiest people to find my dream and live it every day - by helping children from orphanages all over the world find new families and brighter futures.  I am also a lucky mom of a precious little girl.  Someday, I am hoping to get an older brother for her, but like many moms out there, still waiting for my husband to embrace the idea of adoption.
I grew up in Ukraine, but then my parents immigrated to U.S. when I was twelve.  Since I knew practically no English, the adjustment process was difficult.  Yet frustration of those first few months helps me relate to what many school-aged adopted kids face upon arrival.  I finished high school and was fortunate to receive some scholarships to go on to Stanford.  At first, I was unsure of my English skills and felt more comfortable with exact sciences, ultimately completing Masters of Science in Operations Research.  Like many of my friends in Silicon Valley, I was first drawn to high-tech industry, but in a few years realized that the world of software is not as fulfilling to my heart.  I explored possible volunteering opportunities where I could do something to help my former compatriots, especially needy children.  International adoption and orphanages humanitarian work became my passion and now a career.  Every day that I look on pictures of children who found new homes and families, or at least sponsors overseas, I find more energy, joy, and... hope to see more kids happier and healthier.
I will be very happy to hear from you at vic@aboutachild.org about adopting or sponsoring children in need. Thank you for all you can do.

Carla TrippCarlaTripp,
Social Services Director

My journey began during a college internship at an international adoption agency.  It didn't take long to realize what an awesome career field I had stumbled upon. Once I began to witness the rewards of working in the adoption field; I knew it was for me! I always knew I wanted a unique job; something I could be proud of, but most importantly a job that I love and allows me to follow my passion-seeing smiles on faces that may not have otherwise been there. Since graduating with a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Services, I have had the opportunity to experience several positions within the adoption field: Adoption Associate, Agency Social Worker, Eastern European Program Director, and Independent Adoption Investigator.  I am proud to be connected with About A Child as the Social Service Director. Outside of being a parent to two beautiful girls, bringing families and children together is by far the most rewarding job there is. I take pride in what I do and I look forward to helping you build or add to your family through the wonderful journey of adoption.
You can reach me at carla@aboutachild.org

Amanda DrostAmanda Drost,
Ukrainian Program Case Manager

At a very young age I knew that someday I wanted to help change the life of another person thru the miracle of adoption.  I would see TV programs that showed orphaned children in need and I would usually break out in tears.  I grew up in a small town and was lucky enough to find the love of my life there.  We dated for a couple of years and then got married and were able to make our home in the same town surrounded with the support of our family. After 5 wonderful years of marriage, I was finally able to persuade my husband to share my dream of adoption.  A friend recommended we contact Carla for a homestudy, and the rest is history in the making.  We are now the proud parents of a 2 year old boy who began his life journey in Ukraine.  He is a wonderful addition to our family and now we cannot even imagine life without him.  After traveling and experiencing the road to adoption firsthand, I wanted to share my story with others and be a resource to families who are just starting out.  I am very proud to be a part of About A Child and help grow your family like Victoria and Carla helped grow ours.
I would love to answer any questions you may have about the process at amanda@aboutachild.org and would love to be a part of your adoption journey.

Barbara JohnsonBarbara Johnson,
Russian Program Case Manager

Hello, my name is Barbara Johnson and I am the mother of a beautiful 1 year old little girl from Russia.  My husband and I adopted our daughter in December 2008.  She is the joy of our lives.  My husband and I always talked about adopting one of our children as far back as college where we met, now we are seriously considering adopting our second one as well.  Adoption has always had a special place in my heart as my aunt was adopted.  With that I was fortunate enough to witness first hand how wonderful a thing adoption is. 
I received my degree from college in Information Technology and have been working in the field as a Web Designer for nine years, but I have now shifted paths to help other families be united with their children.  Having experience the process first hand I hope to be a valuable asset to families starting their journey. 
Please don't hesitate in emailing me at barbara@aboutachild.org with any questions.

Shelley BedfordShelley Bedford,
Serbia Program Case Manager

My journey with adoption began with a desire to complete our family by adopting a little boy.  What I thought was going to be a one-time adoption to complete our family turned in to a life changing moment in a small orphanage in Ukraine when my life was forever changed by the plight of orphans.  Since 2007, my husband & I, along with our 3 biological children, have welcomed the addition of children from Ukraine, Serbia & Bulgaria to our ever growing family.  In addition to the 3 international adoptions that I have completed, I have also volunteered for a non-profit advocacy group that allowed me to continue to be the voice for waiting children all over the world.  That volunteer work gave me the opportunity to work closely with families adopting internationally & to gain the knowledge and experience needed to become a member of the About A Child staff. Our family had such a wonderful experience working with About A Child during our adoptions and I am honored to now have the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team that advocates for orphans all over the world and works hard to unite them with forever families.
I am happy to answer any questions about the process and joys that come through adoption. You can reach me directly at Shelley@aboutachild.org .


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