Boarding School in Shahtersk, Ukraine    
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Shahtersk Boarding School currently hosts approximately 150 students.  About a third of our kids reside here permanently as orphans or children left without parental guardianship.  The rest of the children leave home for the weekends or at night.

The school provides full standard curriculum Level I-II (elementary and middle), including math, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, history, music, native language and literature, as well as foreign language.

In addition, our boarding school also provides medical treatment and rehabilitation for children with neurological disorders (mostly enuresis).  Treatment options include physical therapy, rehabilitative P.E., speech therapy, psychological consultations, massage, and occupational therapy.   

During the year, joint teachers/students council develops strategies for intellectual development, order and discipline, peer assistance, maintaining healthy lifestyle, recreational activities, athletic activities and sports competitions. 


Our boarding school has a full-functioning student body governing the "Friendly Republic" with its own coat of arms, anthem "The Little Country", and currency that can be earned for good deeds.

The system is built on mutual respect and friendship.  Each class is a country with its own name.  In the fall of each year, after an election campaign, a student body president is elected.    

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